Industrial Presence, Joint-Ventures and Mergers-Acquisitions


  • Set up a fully-owned production plant or acquire a local structure
  • Know the operational steps to set up your structure and obtain strategic advice
  • Be accompanied by a local expert to understand intercultural differences, management and business environment


  • Implementation study in order to determine the relevance of the choice of country and location based on your goals
  • Advice and support in the setting up and legal form of the subsidiary (LLC, PLC, representative office, branch etc.)
  • Administrative support and Accounting (book-keeping)
  • Opening of bank accounts and underwriting of insurance contracts
  • Support, management and monitoring of the subsidiary
  • Search for industrial land and premises (offices, warehouses etc.)
  • Support for the operational implementation of your structure (permits, authorizations, financing/funding etc.)
  • Hiring of your local Executives and Managers
  • Support for Business Development (see Business Development section)
  • Support in the search for sub-contractors (see Purchasing and Sourcing section)
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