Subsidiary Creation & Management


  • Create a subsidiary and get closer to end customers
  • Know the various possible legal forms and tax structures
  • Find flexible local solutions to ensure a permanent presence
  • Find an office and having a business address


  • Advice/Consulting on choosing and setting up your local structure (PLC, branch, representative office, LLC etc.)
  • Support for administrative, legal and tax formalities
  • Help in recruiting your local teams and portage
  • Accommodation and business address in our Casablanca Business Center
  • Rental of meeting rooms, seminar rooms
  • Accounting service and Legal and Tax Consulting
  • Administrative management, mail reception, secretarial work, janitorial services, etc
  • - The local Harvard Consulting teams will be able to provide you with the support you need to create and manage your subsidiary. Whether you want to create a subsidiary in Morocco or to set up a new Company in a country within our area of presence (through our network), Harvard Consulting’s experts will be at your disposal and gladly help you carry out your project.
  • You are willing to create your subsidiary in another region of the world, you will have access to Harvard Consulting’s network of international partners.
  • Whether it is to manage your subsidiary, you will have access to Harvard Consulting’s local bilingual and bicultural team.
  • Harvard Consulting has a perfect understanding of the specificities of its markets in terms of accounting, financial and legal issues.
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